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Trust in our products is currently paying off for thousands of customers. And the number is growing every day.

Our exclusiveco-operation with Gold Crest Refinery and Gold Empire Resources Limited makes our offer unique in Europe.

Buy gold with amonthly discount.


Because saying "yes" to gold is the best long-term option for anyone looking for both flexibility and protection against inflation.

On the one hand, we are a classic gold trader -
l ike many others.

This means thatyou buy physical gold from TGI AG, which is quoted in dollars per troy ounceand can be purchased at the current daily rate. We deliver the physical gold directly to you.

On the other hand, our offer is unique.

Because we work together with an Indian family business that owns gold mines and a gold refinery in Ghana.
This means that the raw gold extracted from the mine is refined to produce fine gold for the world market. There is a trading margin between the price of raw gold and the price of refined gold, and this margin makes it possible for us to discount your gold purchase.

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TGI – Inflation adjustment
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