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Gold at
a Discount

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Our Concept

Using the example of our product with a 2% monthly discount:

You do not have the gold delivered to you immediately after purchase, but only at the end of your 36-month contract term.

In return, you receive a 2% monthly discount on your account.

During this contract term, you can also decide whether you want to have your discount credits paid out or whether you prefer to use them to buy more gold.

What is important here is that we do not speculate with gold.

Capital or physical gold is always available, this is contractually secured, and at the end of the contract term, i.e. after 36 months, you will receive your gold delivery.

For example, Gold Crest's European distribution center is based in Vienna, where a European branch is also located.
is also located there.

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Gold crest refinery

With the highest reputation in the country
of the largest gold producer in West Africa.

Gold Crest Refinery Limited was founded in 2019 with the aim of promoting economic and community prosperity in Ghana and the region.  
As an economic pioneer in West Africa, Gold Crest Refinery has not only introduced gold bullion minting, but also the local and global commercialisation of handcrafted gold coins. Gold Crest is also aiming to be the first refinery in the country to achieve LBMA certification.

The family company's commitment and mission goes beyond economic success; it includes improving the lives of the people in the region through various social initiatives, infrastructure development and the creation of invaluable educational opportunities.

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One of Ghana's leading gold mining companies.

Gold Empire Legacy Limited (GERL) is a Ghanaian company founded in 2016 and is active in gold mining, mineral exploration, gold export and trading.

GELL holds several small-scale gold mining concessions that are duly licensed by the Ghana Minerals Commission. In addition, GELL has obtained mining permits for a number of large mining concessions. GELL is currently taking active steps to bring into operation the large concessions for which mining rights have been granted by the Minerals Commission of Ghana.

In 2020, GELL was granted a gold buying and exporting license by the Minerals Commission, allowing it to collect, buy and export Ghana's finest gold. With reliability, innovation and a dedicated focus on sustainability, we aim to become the most environmentally friendly mining company in Ghana and Africa.

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Selling gold at a discount.
That sounds almost a little unbelievable.
But it is true.

As with many other spectacular ideas, it started with a question:

What if we could make buying gold even more attractive by selling gold at a discount?

And from this question and its answer, our company founder created a real win-win-win situation. All winners and no losers.

Our two partner companies Gold Crest Refinery & Gold Empire Legacy Limited won because they were able to gain a faster foothold in the European market thanks to our sales performance.

Our customers win because they receive a 2% discount on their gold purchases every month.

And we at TGI AG win because our sales power and our marketing activities connect our two partners and their refineries with our customers.

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