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Trust Gold

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Trust Pays off

Trust in our products is currently paying off for thousands of customers. And the number is growing every day.

Our exclusive cooperation with Gold Crest Refinery makes our offer unique in Europe.

Buy gold with amonthly discount.

We trade in gold

Because saying "yes" to gold is the best long-term option for anyone looking for both flexibility and protection against inflation.

On the one hand, we are a classic gold trader -
l ike many others.

This means thatyou buy physical gold from TGI AG, which is quoted in dollars per troy ounceand can be purchased at the current daily rate. We deliver the physical gold directly to you.

On the other hand, our offer is unique.

We are working with Gold Crest, a major company that own gold mines and gold refineries in Ghana and are active in the global gold trade.

This means that the raw gold mined in the mine is refined to produce fine gold for the world market. There is a trading margin between the price of raw gold and the price of fine gold, and this margin makes it possible for us to discount your gold purchase.

The Team

May we introduce ourselves?

Our managing director

Dr. Alexander T. Mohrenschildt LL.M.

Dr Alexander T. Mohrenschildt LL.M. has more than 25 years of experience in advising high-end private clients and their advisors at private banks, asset management companies, trustees, tax consultants and lawyers.
He began his professional career at the Allianz Group in Vienna and London. He studied law for two years at the Institute for Civil Law at the University of Vienna, where he graduated with honours.

From 1997, he was responsible for product development and sales at the leading life insurance company in Liechtenstein. His focus was on the legal and tax optimisation of the customer situation by linking product development and solution structuring. Most recently, Dr Alexander T. Mohrenschildt LL.M. acted as CEO for another company in the growing insurance industry in Liechtenstein.

He is a regular speaker at international conferences and at the ICQM (Institute for Compliance and Quality Management), which he co-founded in 2000.
 Dr Alexander T. Mohrenschildt LL.M. is the founder and chairman of the Institut für Vermögensstrukturierung e.V. in Berlin, which deals with the structuring of large assets at the interface between civil, tax and supervisory law, taking into account economic aspects.

The members of the Board of Directors

Helmut Kaltenegger

Helmut Kaltenegger embarked on a career in sales after graduating with a degree in engineering from the Linz Technical Centre for Building Construction and Civil Engineering. As an independent entrepreneur with more than 30 years of sales experience, his primary goal has always been the satisfaction of his customers and business partners. For him, combining the right product with the right sales channel is a prerequisite for a successful business. And that's how he ended up in gold trading in 2018. Through the business relationship with Gold Crest Refinery, Helmut Kaltenegger has been able to develop a product that is unique in the world. The many thousands of customers and the increased popularity made it necessary to put the company on a broader footing. The founding of TGI AG in Liechtenstein is an expression of this brilliant success.

Katarina Kaltenegger

Katarina Kaltenegger is a qualified hotel manager and quadrilingual. In addition to her native Slovak, she also speaks German, English and Russian. Thanks to her great expertise in the areas of marketing, event management and corporate design, she is largely responsible for TGI's image and future marketing activities. With her openness and communication skills, she supports the international expansion of TGI AG and has already been instrumental in establishing the partnership with the Gold Crest Refinery in the past.